Information about the Małopolska Region

A strong economic center

Małopolska is one of the most dynamically developing regions on the economic map of Poland and Europe. It is there that companies known in the country and throughout the world (including Maspex, Comarch, Fakro, Vistula, Newag, Oknoplast, Wiśniowski, 4F, Azoty Group, Wojas) were established and successfully operated, which proves the strong position of Małopolska Voivodeship, both at the national and international level. Małopolska has been chosen due to its location by such companies as HSBC, IBM, CISCO, MOTOROLA, Shell, HUAWEI, Man, and Mabuchi Motor. Well-developed communication and strategic location in the center of Europe make Małopolska one of the leading destinations chosen for the organization of business and economic meetings, which only confirms the thesis that it is a perfect place for business development. 

Investment attractiveness of the region

Małopolska is a region open to investments and friendly to entrepreneurs. Every year around 10,000 new enterprises emerge in the region, including dynamically developing technology start-ups.

A consistently implemented strategy for the development of Małopolska, the cooperation of the local government with scientific, academic, and business environment institutions, as well as access to modern scientific and research infrastructure, economic security, a wide range of real estate, and high living standards — all these factors contribute to the identity and uniqueness of Małopolska, as reflected in the high position of Małopolska in the annual investment attractiveness rankings.

In order to strengthen its position on domestic and international markets, Małopolska focuses on intelligent and sustainable development, creating a favorable environment for the growth of the region’s priority industries, such as IT and ICT, chemical sector, sustainable energy sector, biotechnology, and life science industry. 

The support for areas with the greatest development potential strengthens the competitiveness of Małopolska and its attractiveness as a place worth investing in.

Well-developed transport infrastructure

Małopolska is a region perfectly connected with the rest of the country and the world. The region has a very well-developed transport infrastructure. The longest section of the A4 motorway in Poland, 672 km long, and the main Pan-European transit corridor from Western Europe to Ukraine — CORRIDOR III, runs through the region. Located in Małopolska, Krakow International Airport is the second largest airport in Poland in terms of passenger traffic. It is very popular among tourists and entrepreneurs, their number is constantly growing every year (in 2019 its passenger traffic accounted for more than 8.4 million passengers).

An attractive tourist destination

Małopolska is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Poland and at the same time the most visited, both by domestic and foreign tourists. Unusual landscapes, unique nature, an impressive number of monuments, including 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a unique atmosphere — all this means that the region is visited by several million tourists from Poland and from all over the world every year. It makes Małopolska, invariably for many years, the most frequently visited Polish region by tourists.

Małopolska is also a great place to live, the proximity of culture and art, and unlimited possibilities of spending free time in an active way make the region unique. Małopolska is a place where tradition, history, and culture combine with innovations and new technologies. It is a great place to live and do business.